Send & receive crypto in the MetaMask Chrome extension

  • Creating a wallet on MetaMask is just not enough if you do not know how to use the different features of the wallet. In case you are new to this wallet and planning to use it for safeguarding your crypto assets, then you must note that this wallet is extremely simple to use. Being a new user, you might be interested to know the process of sending and receiving crypto assets through it. If that is the case with you, I shall guide you through the process to do the same via the MetaMask Chrome extension.

    In case you have not installed the MetaMask Chrome extension on your browser yet, then you need to make sure that you install it beforehand and then set up your wallet. Once you are done setting up your wallet, you can proceed with the steps that I am going to list below. These will help you fund your wallet as a new user and withdraw crypto assets from it as and when needed. 

    Steps to receive funds in the MetaMask Browser extension 

    To fund your MetaMask wallet, you must know the exact process. If you commit any mistake during the process, you might send crypto assets to the wrong wallet address and may not get them back ever. Hence, you must be very careful while following the steps that I am going to list below: 

    1. Begin by opening the MetaMask Chrome extension or the app
    2. After that, you can sign into your wallet if you have been locked out
    3. Following this, select the "Receive" option
    4. When you've shown your public address, copy it on your clipboard
    5. Now, paste this address on the platform from where you're expecting crypto
    6. Or, share this address with the sender
    7. Cross-check the address once, fill out the amount to be received, and complete the transaction

    If you think that you have followed all the steps, you will eventually receive crypto in your MetaMask wallet account. You can check the same by checking the MetaMask wallet balance. You can do the same when you send out crypto assets from your wallet. I hope this helps and you have found the answer to the query you were having in your mind for so long. Isn't it. 

    Sending crypto from the MetaMask Chrome extension 

    If you want to move out crypto assets from your MetaMask wallet, then you need to go ahead and apply the same steps that I have listed below. Before you proceed, make sure that you have the wallet or public address of the location where you are planning to send these assets: 

    1. The first thing that you're supposed to do is open the MetaMask browser extension
    2. Now, sign into your wallet account using the MetaMask login password
    3. After that, you can open the MetaMask portfolio and go to the "Send" tab
    4. Otherwise, you may choose the "Send" option directly within the wallet
    5. Next up, you should choose the account from which you wish to send crypto
    6. Now, you must enter the wallet address of the recipient in the "Send to" field
    7. Thereafter, choose the crypto assets you'd like to send
    8. Lastly, hit the option referred to as "Send" to complete the process
    9. This way you can easily send crypto assets out of your MetaMask Chrome extension.


    In today's blog post, we shed some light on how easy it is to use the services offered by MetaMask. In case this is the first time you are using this wallet, this guide must have given you deep insights into the same. For more help, you can always navigate to the official website of MetaMask and try to explore as many topics as you can.