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Ancient Chinese tradition meets modern design in 5-room HDB flat

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    May 18, 2023 1:40 AM EDT

    Ancient Chinese tradition meets modern design in 5-room HDB flat

    When the Lee family was looking for a new home, it viewed a variety of units in different locations before finding one that both its fengshui master and designer approved of.To get more news about ancient chinese bedroom, you can visit shine news official website.

    Mr Aloysius Ganiel - creative director at local firm Parallelogram Design, who designed the family's former home - knew right away how to turn the five-room, 1,700 sq ft executive Housing Board flat in Pasir Ris into a space that would meet the family's lifestyle, aesthetic sensibilities and requirements relating to the Chinese art of geomancy.

    A business owner and medical sales representative respectively, Mr and Mrs Lee - who are in their 40s and declined to reveal their full names - have three children and a domestic helper, so Mr Ganiel had to ensure that there were enough bedrooms for everyone.He adds: "They wanted a spacious common area where family and friends can gather while keeping the bedrooms calm and private."

    The previous interior of the 30-year-old flat was gutted, and after a 10-week, $200,000 renovation, the family moved into the home in October 2020.

    The entrance of the home opens to a passageway designed as a foyer, which leads to the living area. Large-format, marble-like porcelain floor tiles with brass inlays on the foyer floor immediately convey a sense of luxury.With dark wood laminate cabinets and a grey Cosentino Sensa stone top, along with dark wood Venetian blinds, the home is warm and inviting.

    To ensure that an altar in the living room faces the main entrance and does not adjoin the television set, Mr Ganiel reworked the living, dining and kitchen areas.

    Now, the living and dining spaces serve as flexible spots where the family can have meals, play mahjong, watch television or host guests. A floor-to-ceiling divider with lattices also partially separates the altar from the living area, while still letting natural light filter through.

    In the kitchen, Mr Ganiel worked around the fixed positions of the cooker hob and sink and incorporated ample storage for kitchen essentials and appliances.

    Light wood laminates with minimal veining, and concealed doors to the bathroom and storeroom, elevate the space into one that combines form and function.

    The study, which replaced the old balcony, has a spatial and visual connection with the rest of the home with full-height sliding glass doors. In addition to being a work area, this is also where the owners' prized crystal collection is displayed.Although the bedrooms have pre-determined palettes, Mr Ganiel added personalised touches to reflect their occupants' personalities.

    In the master bedroom, where there is a walk-in wardrobe, he incorporated grey and metallic elements into the design, but limited such features to the cabinets so they would not overpower the space. While the lack of a door between the bedroom and spa- inspired en-suite bathroom may have been dictated by geomancy, it adds to the resort vibe.