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Golf rangefinder vs. GPS watch — Which is right for you?

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    May 27, 2023 2:31 AM EDT

    Golf rangefinder vs. GPS watch — Which is right for you?

    Golf tech is a passion of mine, but of all the gadgets out there, the two must-haves in my golf bag are my laser rangefinder and my GPS-enabled golf watch. I started playing golf long before either was available, and definitely I don't miss relying on vague 150 yards sticks and inconsistent sprinkler head markers to know how far I needed to hit my next shot.Get more news about Golf Rangefinder,you can vist our website!

    But when it comes to a Golf rangefinder vs. GPS watch there are differences in the technology that could make one device better for your game than the other. Laser rangefinders work by firing a beam at a target, and measuring how long it takes to “rebound” back to the device. A GPS golf watch, meanwhile, tracks your location on a golf course to read yardages while providing a digital map of the hole (and its hazards) on your wrist.

    Whether you’re not sure which to buy or which to use for your games, below are the pros and cons of laser rangefinders and GPS watches to help you choose where your golfing dollar is best spent.
    Golf laser rangefinder
    A rangefinder’s rebounding laser is able to calculate the distance to a target in the device’s viewfinder based on the time it takes for the laser to travel to the target and back. Looking into the device, you can map out your next shot using the overlaid yardage information.

    Early rangefinder models had several drawbacks — most were binocular-sized, needing two hands to operate properly. You’d struggle to hold the unit steady to get your target in the viewfinder and often end up not getting the reading to the intended target. Modern rangefinders are much more user-friendly thanks to magnified optics, internal LED displays, and automatic slop adjustments. Convenience features have also improved, such as smaller hand-held sizes and built-in magnets for mounting the rangefinder on your golf cart.
    Available from brands like Bushnell, Blue Tees and Calloway, the price of rangefinder can start at $100 and go to as much as $600 or more. Higher costing models come with more of the features listed above, along with generally more distance capabilities and better accuracy. The Garmin Z82 Laser Rangefinder ($599 at Dick’s Sporting Goods) is one of the most advanced options, offering automatic course detection and full-color course mapping. If you’re looking for a beginner option, the Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder ($99 at Amazon) is a more budget-friendly choice.

    GPS golf watch
    First introduced over 10 years ago, advancements in golf watch technology has made these wearable devices a common sight on any course. What started as a simple LED yardage counter has transformed into an all-encompassing course manager. The market is dominated by Garmin, but even premium watchmakers such as Tag Heuer have thrown their hat in the ring.Choosing the right golf watch for your game depends on price, style and functionality. Do you plan to wear it both on and off the course? And do you want it to double as a fitness tracker? Ultimately, how many features you will use and how much you’re willing to pay will provide a guideline for selecting a watch.