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The pivotal role of door hinges

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    May 27, 2023 2:41 AM EDT

    The pivotal role of door hinges

    When it comes to achieving enhanced security in doorsets, the focus is usually on getting the locking system and handle configuration right, along with the structural performance of the frame and slab materials. But without paying attention to the specification of the door hinges, the doorset’s ability to resist break-ins in the long term will be seriously undermined.Get more news about Door Hinge Hl017,you can vist our website!

    By understanding the technical capabilities of – and the engineering that goes into manufacturing – a high performance door hinge, it becomes apparent why not all hinges are the same. The best performing hinges are highly engineered products which are extensively tested to provide strength and long-term reliable, smooth operation, without the need for anything more than minor maintenance. This ‘fit and forget’ ethos can only be achieved through engineering excellence without compromising aesthetics, given the hinge’s influential role on the visual appeal of the finished doorset.

    As a brand synonymous with the manufacture of premium quality components, SFS ensures its door hinges fit the bill in terms of meeting enhanced security performance goals and the Secured by Design (SBD) standard. The SFS Dynamic family of hinges has provided SBD-compatible products for more than a decade, suitable for doorsets that feature PVC-U, timber and aluminium outerframes, which offers consistent performance and excellent aesthetics regardless of the door’s construction and style.

    Dynamic hinges have proved their superior design and build quality through extensive testing, which ensures no weaknesses exist when the hinge is fitted in-situ. Firstly, this means satisfying the requirements of EN 1935. Besides the shear strength test and the static load test, which are required by the standard, an additional durability test with 200,000 movement cycles is conducted.
    As all SFS adjustable hinges feature a threaded bolt on a rotating bearing, this must also conform to quality standards. This involves applying a force of 6kN to the threaded bolt in the axial direction, after which the threaded bolt bearing must not have sustained any measurable changes. The threaded bolt can still be rotated easily after the test.

    Dynamic 2D, the first hinge in the family, was purpose-designed by SFS to be able to surpass the testing requirements of PAS24, mainly for PVC-U entrance doors. In testing, it actually performed to a standard double that of what PAS24 required, by withstanding a force of 9kN on a PVC-U doorset. To date, this hinge has featured in thousands of SBD-licensed doorsets.

    The robust platform on which it was created from the outset has enabled the development of additional hinge versions for other framing materials – the Dynamic 2D-A for rebated aluminium doors and the Dynamic 2D-C and 2D-F to suit timber and composite doors.

    With their robustness and operational reliability, Dynamic hinges play a crucially important role in the creation of doors for homes built to SBD standard, which are visually appealing and virtually maintenance-free.