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King Long Delivered to Costa Rica

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    May 27, 2023 3:48 AM EDT

    King Long Delivered to Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia during the Spring Festival

    During the Spring Festival in 2018, King Long’s overseas marketing staff have already embarked on the journey in a new year when most people still immersed in the blessings of New Year. During the festival, after 50 red double-deckers were exported to Kuwait, the King Long buses delivered to markets like Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia were also shipped successively to meet the needs of overseas clients.Get more news about China To Costa Rica,you can vist our website!

    On February 16, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, 50 beautiful 13-meter-long King Long buses were shipped from Xiamen Port to Costa Rica in Latin America. Costa Rica has a relatively high demand for buses as it receives a large number of tourists from Europe, America, Australia and other countries every year. All the passenger transport companies are privately operated in Costa Rica, and they need to not only meet the high requirement of tourists from developed countries in comfortability, but also seek for the maximization of operating profit. In addition, considering the local hot weather, poor road condition, numerous slopes and narrow roads, our clients are extremely demanding on the configuration of buses and the applied technologies.

    Based on the trial operation of sample buses, we have improved this batch of 50 13-meter-long buses according to the requirements of the clients and the using and maintenance habits of the local clients. These brand-new buses will greatly improve the transport experience of the local tourists and residents. Due to the excellent products and services, King Long has maintained exports in batches to Costa Rica in recent years. So far, King Long has topped all other Chinese bus brands in terms of the number of buses in Costa Rica.
    On February 17, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, 56 luxurious buses were delivered to Saudi Arabia. According to the market feedback, King Long has upgraded the interior trim of these exported buses, such as the baggage holders, front-rear molding face and side decorations, to make the passengers’ trips more comfortable and convenient. It is known that in 2017, King Long exported 200 buses of the same type to Saudi Arabia. The transportation companies and passengers spoke highly of these cars in actual operation. The local mainstream operation companies quite favor this type of buses as well. So they purchased these buses during the Spring Festival to meet the demand of the annual pilgrimage.

    As a Chinese passenger car brand with the highest popularity and the largest number of buses in Saudi Arabia, King Long maintained strong growth trend in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of 2018. In the next several months, there are 500 King Long buses will be delivered to Saudi Arabia successively to serve the pilgrims.