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The Revolution of Litho Flute Laminator with Stacker

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    September 20, 2023 3:28 AM EDT

    The Revolution of Litho Flute Laminator with Stacker
    In the world of printing and packaging, efficiency and quality are paramount. One machine that has revolutionized this industry is the Litho Flute Laminator with Stacker. This high-speed, heavy-duty machine offers a multitude of benefits for both companies and agents.Get more news about litho flute laminator with stacker,you can vist our website!

    The Litho Flute Laminator with Stacker is designed to laminate color printing paper with corrugated paper, creating a high-quality finished product. It features a pre-stacking system that allows for quick job changes without stopping the machine. This time-saving feature is crucial in a fast-paced production environment.

    One of the standout features of this machine is its patented leading-edge feeding system. This system ensures that there are no paper jams, even when dealing with deformed or warped corrugated paper. This feature not only saves time but also reduces waste, contributing to more sustainable production practices.

    The machine boasts the highest laminating speed in China at 75m/min (0,000 sheets/hour), allowing companies to make more profit with the same input. It also has a wide application range, capable of handling almost all kinds of bottom paper from G flute to ply/5ply/7ply and 0mm boardcard, and upper paper from 0gsm paper to 700gsm paper.

    The Litho Flute Laminator with Stacker is also designed with a full servo system (5 servo motors) and full digital operating system. These features lower the requirements on the operator, making it easier to use. The automatic flipping stacking function completely replaces the manual operation of this task, further enhancing its efficiency.

    In addition to its impressive features, the machine also offers less maintenance cost with an automatic refueling system. It’s built with double bearings and an ultra-big roller of 50mm diameter for high stability and low failure rate.

    For agents, partnering with manufacturers of the Litho Flute Laminator with Stacker offers numerous benefits. Manufacturers provide complete product training, marketing training, after-sales service, and comprehensive assistance for dealers’ Facebook, YouTube, and other social media marketing.

    In conclusion, the Litho Flute Laminator with Stacker is a game-changer in the printing and packaging industry. Its innovative features and benefits make it an indispensable tool for companies seeking to improve their efficiency and quality.