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Glintstone Dragon Adula is Elden Ring Trolling at its Finest

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    September 23, 2023 3:03 AM EDT

    Glintstone Dragon Adula is Elden Ring Trolling at its Finest

    FromSoftware is not any stranger to the pastime of trolling gamers, with Elden Ring's Glintstone Dragon Adula being a strong instance of this exercise.

    Many of the dragons in Elden Ring arrive with an brilliant quantity of Elden Ring Items for sale fanfare, with Glintstone Dragon Adula status proudly among them with now not one, however impromptu entrances. For gamers looking to finish Ranni's questline, Adula becomes a bookend that begins off the adventures into Nokron and caps off the laundry listing of obligations accomplished for the Lunar Princess all the manner up at the Moonlight Altar.

    However, encountering Glintstone Dragon Adula is not as simple as locating the boss sleeping peacefully inside one of the many open plains scattered across Elden Ring. Instead, the dragon arrives in a cloud of frost and blocks the path among the participant and principal points at the course to meeting and marrying Ranni.

    The Illusion of Back-to-Back Boss Fights

    Adula's first look happens at the way to Ranni's Rise within the Three Sisters region of Liurnia of the Lakes. What makes this area stand out is that it's far most effective reachable straight away after fighting the spirit model of Loretta in Caria Manor, one of the smaller Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring. So, after finishing off a boss that may be brutally tough for players on an preliminary run, the praise is setting out on a brand new remoted location that right away throws a dragon on the display.

    This immediately look is the first predominant troll that Adula embodies, through taking a participant who might have allow their shield down as they discover the Three Sisters. Of path, this likely might not be the first dragon players will face in Elden Ring, which makes it a terrific factor that Adula is a completely unique combat a few of the series of similar bosses. Much of this distinctiveness comes from one attack that units the fight aside from other dragons, and another assault that is precise simplest to Adula.

    The result is a marvel combat towards a dragon only some minutes after facing off with Loretta, continuously throwing the participant through a loop by way of introducing a dragon-infused model of one among Elden Ring's most powerful sorceries, Crystal Torrent. However, as the combat continues, Adula will sooner or later use a very precise assault, summoning a frozen moonlight greatsword and sweeping from sky to floor. It's an outstanding combat that units itself aside sufficient from other dragon encounters to Cheap Elden Ring Items either quick send players again to the Loretta Site of Grace, or see Adula fast leave while the warfare ought to simplest be halfway finished.