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A philosopher on minimums. How to write an essay?

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    September 24, 2021 7:00 AM EDT


    The answer to the question, "Is studybay legit?" is simple-"Whatever you want, write it." This is not a joke or a disclaimer. The essay is the freest possible form of a short prose essay. The only significant limitations to all types of essays are except for the small volume, the presence of the author's opinion, and a more or less definite reason or theme for the text.


    But such an answer - "since it is free form, then write as you want/can" - will satisfy few people, in particular, because "anything" is usually somewhere near "anything". In addition, many people are captive to the stereotype that if an essay, then it is necessarily an ornate and complex reflection, which only philosophers are capable of (this is not true).


    And here I would distinguish between writing an essay (in general) and writing a quality readable essay. Oddly enough, in the first case, you only need to familiarize yourself with one example and then, having worked up the courage, give away your text. As many writers recommend, you just need to start outlining your thoughts and new ones will appear on their own. Start in any way you like, for example, with "well, shorter..." or "the thing is..." or even with swear words, if that's the way your mind works. After the text is born, you can do some more proofreading and go to print, I mean, hand it in.


    As for the quality essay, the situation is a little different. It is one thing to remember how you wrote essays at school and produce something similar, quite another to take responsibility for how the text will interact with its audience. Nothing is easier than writing an interesting essay if you've already learned how to write texts that finish. Correspondingly, there is nothing more difficult than making such an essay if you haven't even begun to learn. Writes.





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    September 26, 2021 8:07 PM EDT

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